One of the most common questions we hear from our clients: How often should you be sharing this content via your different marketing channels? Here’s what XYDO (A leading content curating platform provider) recommends, and certainly what we push for with our clients:

Email newsletters– once every other week

Most businesses send an email newsletter once a month or quarter. Why? Because it takes too much time to produce the content and develop the email. XYDO offers its clients the ability to be able to curate the content and produce a deliverable email in minutes. So you may be able to do once a week or once every other week. According to XYDO it’s what the majority of their customers do and it produces great results.

Social pages/profiles – one to two posts per day

Social networks are hives of activity; the average person on Facebook sees hundreds of posts from their friends, pages they’ve liked, etc., every day. It’s important that your business stays a part of that flow, to keep your business on their radar, however it’s also important that you don’t overload/spam your followers. We recommend posting one to two pieces of content per day.

Website/blog – once or more a week

With websites and blogs there frequency can be much higher. Unlike social media or email content you post to your site or blog isn’t being pushed to your audience; they’re going to have to come to your site or blog to see it. The goal here is to present fresh, relevant information to your visitors of which you’re likely receiving a relatively constant flow. What you don’t want is for someone to see the same content on a second or third visit, so don’t be afraid to post often.